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SLB eGo-V V2 Mega USB Pass-Through 1200mAh Battery - Black

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Black SLB eGo-VV2 Mega Variable Voltage Battery with USB pass-through charging is one of the most suitable vape pen with its easy variable voltage adjuster. Simply change the voltage of your vapor pen by just pressing the + or - button on the end of the electronic cigarette battery. It goes up to 6.0volts for max vaping sensation or 3.0volts for a relaxed and low vaping. Altering the voltage is vital in finding the best vaping taste for you and your vaporizer pen. LCD screen shows what voltage the eGo-V V2 is running on and shows the battery life of your vaporizer. Easily charge your Black SLB eGo-V V2 with the USB pass-through, so you can vape while you are charging your vaporizer. Just plug and charge. The Black eGo-VV2 has a massive battery life with this 1200mAh battery, which will give you more than 1000 puffs before having to recharge. One of the nicest vaporizer battery powers out there without having an external battery. eGo-V V2 offers unbelievable vaping powers while smart vaping by allowing the vape pen to shut off after 10 seconds to let the battery cool down. eGo-V V2 will fit eGo and 510 tanks. Includes USB pass-through charger.

  • Genuine SLB eGo-V V2 Mega Battery
  • 1200mAh long battery life
  • LCD screen with battery indicator and current voltage
  • Easy to adjust voltage but pressing + and - on bottom of vape pen
  • Easy charging with USB pass-through charger
  • Fits all 510 and eGo tanks
  • Smart auto lock protection
  • Lock variable voltage by holding down + and - at the same time for 5 sec.
  • Includes USB pass-through charger

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