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What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is a battery powered device designed to deliver nicotine through flavored e-liquid by vaporizing the e-liquid. E-cig can be used to stimulate the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette using vapor instead of smoke. E-cigarettes consist of a battery and an atomizer tank. The battery heats up the atomizer tanks to help vaporize the e-liquid so it can be inhaled.

what is a electronic cigarette

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Electronic cigarettes are not safe because e-cigs contain nicotine, which can be harmful to the heart and it is very addictive. The facts are unknown at the moment from the future risks of using e-cigs. The information that we currently know is e-cigs contains much lesser chemicals than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals. E-cig does not contain tar, which is less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Vapor cigarettes should be used as a substitute from tobacco cigarettes, because smoke is more harmful to the body than vapor, generally due to toxic chemicals from combustion and tar.

Will e-cigs help users quit smoking cigarettes?

E-cigs can help users quit cigarettes, but it really all depends on the person. Vapor cigarettes will give users the same nicotine sensation but without the many toxins found in a cigarette. Users will be able to select their nicotine level in order to achieve the level of sensation from cigarettes. E-cigs usually help smokers quit because it provides the same habit from smoking; inhaling smoke/vapor, exhaling smoke/vapor, and the nicotine feeling. It all depends on how much the person wants to actually quit cigarettes. Most smokers will find it a good substitute because of reduced toxins and flavor from e-cigs.

What is the difference between a 510 thread and an eGo thread?

510 thread is a where the tank screws inside the threading of the battery or mod and an eGo thread tank screws around the threading of the battery or mod. eGo threaded batteries and mods come with 510 threading but 510 threading does not come with eGo threading. All batteries and devices have 510 threading and eGo threading is only available on some batteries. Most new vape products use 510 threading versus the old eGo threading.

510 and eGo thread

Will eGo threaded tanks fit 510 threaded batteries or mods?

No, eGo threaded tanks (CE clearomizers, Kanger Evod, Kangter T3s, etc) will not fit 510 thread vaporizer. But 510 threaded tanks will fit any eGo vaporizers.

What is a cartomizer?

A cartomizer is a cartridge and atomizer into one which connects to the battery. But with a DCT tank, a cartomizer is used as the middle piece of the tank, which is used to absorb and vape the liquid. When a DCT tank is burnt out, a cartomizer needs to be only replaced. The wicks are built inside the cartomizers.

what is a cartomizer

How to fill a DCT tank?

Pull out the cartomizer about a quarter way out where the bottom of the cartomizer is sticking out. Tilt the tank slightly sideways and slowly fill the tank without filling the tank into the cartomizer. After filling the tank, start dripping a around 15-20 drops of liquid into the cartomizer without getting into the middle of the cartomizer, or else it will leak out. Then wait for a good 20 minutes for the liquid to absorb into the cartomizer to start vaping. For best results, Youtube “how to fill DCT tank”.

How do you know when an atomizer or cartomizer is burnt out?

When the taste of the liquid has a very low flavor and there is a burnt taste. Make sure to never vape when there is no liquid in the tank, it will cause the atomizer or cartomizer to burn out quicker.

What is variable voltage or variable wattage?

Variable voltage or wattage devices allow vapers the ability to adjust the wattage or voltage.  Higher voltage and wattage will increase the strength of the vape, which heats up the e-liquid at a hotter and faster rate. It is not recommended using high wattage or voltage, which can cause the atomizer to burn out quicker and increase the chance of having a burnt taste. The wattage and voltage should be dependent on the resistance of the atomizer. Low resistance will require less power so it is recommended to use lower voltage or wattage.

What is the median volt that should be used for vaping?

It is recommended that 3.7 volts be used, which is the normal vaping power of a typical battery.

What are mechanical mods and telescope mods?

Mechanical mods and telescope mods are electronic cigarettes devices that are typically made from aluminum or stainless steel capable of accepting different battery sizes. Some mods can be adjusted to fit the battery (Sentinel V3) while others require additional tube casing to fit certain battery sizes (Chi You). Mods do not have a built in battery, and uses an external battery that can be inserted into the mods. It uses rechargeable batteries and it will require a 3rd party charger for the batteries. Mech mods are not regulated and it offers no protection and it should be used with caution.

What is a mechanical mod?

Will 510 drip tip fit a CE clearomizer?

510 drip tip will not fit a CE clearomizer because a CE clearomizer has a twist off drip tip, in which most 510 threaded tank has removal drip tip by just pulling in and out.

What is the difference between a regulated mod versus an unregulated mod?

Regulated mods contain a circuit board regulating the power and offering protection for the device. Most regulated mods offer protections from short circuit protection, low resistance protection, and cut off time to prevent the mod from malfunctioning and overheating. Regulated mods offer consistent power throughout the battery life. Devices that offer variable voltage or variable wattage are regulated mods and most vape pens and box mods are regulated.

Unregulated mods do not contain a circuit board and there is no regulation of power. Unregulated mods can work with very low resistance atomizers and there is no minimum of resistance. They require an external battery, which users can pick and choose depending on performances of these batteries. With using external battery with no regulation, there will be a power drop once the battery starts draining down. Most mech mods and a few box mods are unregulated. Unregulated mods will not have any type of electrical parts. These mods are not intended for beginners and it should be used if user understand ohms law to avoid accidents.

Unregulated Mods vs Regulated Mods

What is temperature control (TC)?

Temperature control is a new vape technology that allows more control of vapor production by limiting the temperature of the coil. Temperature control uses a different resistance wire of Nickel (Ni200) and Titanium (Ti) oppose to the standard Kanthal wire.  It allows users to fine tune the temperature for the best vapor production and flavor for the user.  When regular Kanthal coils heat up, the temperature and resistance rises, which leads to warm vapors, dry and burnt hits. With temperature control, the coils temperature remains constant throughout the vape in producing a much improve vaping experience. Temperature control can also reduce e-liquid and battery consumption.



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