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​How To Know Which Strength E-Liquid You Should Buy

Posted by Katie J on

One of the primary advantages of electronic cigarettes is the liberty to choose your nicotine strength and personalise your vaping experience. E-cigs without quality e-liquids are just plain and flavourless. This is because without the right strength vape juice to compliment your taste, your will to quit smoking could go away.

First and foremost, e-liquid strength is just about always measured in milligrams (weight) per millilitre (volume) and is expressed as mg/ml. Also, e-liquids are available in different strengths depending on the manufacturer’s business priorities.

However, the UK’s burgeoning vaping industry is cautioning the rise of homemade e-liquids as new laws with many restrictions were placed on vaping recently. These laws affect the e-cigs tank sizes, limit the e-liquid refill container’s capacity to 10 ml and restrict nicotine strength of e-liquids to no more than 20 mg/ml. You can read more about the new vaping laws by reading this UK vaping blog which features an article on everything you need to know.

On the other hand, vape merchants are already seeing the repercussions of the law as more vapers are contacting independent e-liquid makers who have no check and balance on the safety of their highly strengthened illegal e-liquid.

You need to find a vaping store who sell 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/mL bottles, which is the right range of strengths and more critically is in line with the Tobacco Product Directives (TPD) regulations.

Nonetheless, the question remains - how do you choose the right strength to compliment your preferences? Distinguishing between different e-liquid strengths could be the difference between your positive or negative vaping experiences. For example, classic e-liquids are thinner and are made to be used in low powered hardware such as vape pens or e-cigs. This is because the e-juice port holes in an e-cigarette’s atomiser are small and manufactured to work with the thinner liquid. Alternatively, using a high VG e-liquid with vape pens or cigalikes would quickly give you dry hits, as the juice cannot flow through the liquid port holes in the atomiser.


  • There are several quality e-juices available, if you do not smoke commercially-rolled cigarettes and want to try nicotine-less vaping.
  • If you have taken up vaping to quit traditional smoking, then nicotine levels ranging from 3 mg/ml to 20 mg/ml are commercially available.
  • Light smokers previously smoking half-a-pack a day may consider trying a 3 mg to 6 mg e-liquid to start off.
  • Medium smokers’ already smoking pack-a-day may give 6 mg to 12 mg e-juice a serious thought.
  • Heavy smokers smoking 1.5 to 2 packs a day might consider trying a 12 mg to 20 mg e-liquid to start out.

Lastly, the type of e-cig or personal vaporiser you use also weighs in on your e-liquid’s strength.


0% Just for occasional pleasure with no nicotine
0.3% For social or light smokers
0.6% Smokers of half-a-pack light-strength cigarettes a day
1.2% Smokers of 10-15 standard-strength cigarettes a day
1.8% Smokers of a pack of cigarettes every day


50% VG Increased throat hit with marginally less vapour
70% VG Increased vapour with marginally less throat hit


  • As with many liquid products, e-liquid bottles could use a regular shake up to make sure the flavour is uniformly distributed and that all vapours are as sensually flavoursome as they are promised on the label. However, you are advised to practice caution with the lids before shaking.
  • All e-liquids contain water, nicotine, flavouring and a PG /VG ratio. While both PG and VG have their pros and cons, propylene glycol is the most popular and is most commonly used. It is admissible to strike a delicate balance between your PG and VG ratios to ensure the best vaporising experience.
  • There is nothing medically wrong with savouring stronger e-liquid flavours which are fruity or spicy such as cinnamon or mint essences. However, these sturdier tastes may leave residues in the chamber once all the juice is burned out. Therefore, to eliminate the risk of contamination make sure to clean your e-cigarette appropriately and regularly.

If you are planning on to continue with your vaping habit then it is imperative that you should keep yourself abreast with all the latest happenings in this ultra-modern industry. You do not have to skim through every minute detail, but it’s always a good idea to subscribe to some of the leading vaping blogs to learn, correct and optimise your vaping experience.

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