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Vape Technology Providing a Better Delivery System

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There are large numbers of individuals out there who do not agree with vaping on how it is a better alternative to smoking and believe it is as harmful or worst. While there have been studies of showing vaping is less harmful than smoking, vaping deals with no fire and no burning operating at much lower temperature than smoking, releasing lower toxins. No one is saying vaping is safe, but vaping is safer than smoking. It is common sense, not too hard to figure out. Combustion is bad.

From vaping nicotine to marijuana, vaping reduces the risk compared to smoking cigarettes or lighting up a joint. We all know when using a lighter to light up leaves or plants; there is combustion, which leads to hundreds to thousands of toxins and carcinogens.

This is the 21st century where technology is running the planet, making life easier and safer. We can’t deny that technology is evolving for the best. But we all know technology is addicting and it does have its negative impacts, but the positives do outweigh the negatives.

How can we deny technology is making life better itself? We are so dependent on technology that it will drive us crazy without it. But now, we can get our drug delivery system of nicotine and THC through the use of the technology called vaporizers.

Of course, there are some negatives about using a vaporizer instead of the traditional way of lighting up a joint or sparking a cigarette. For instance, when your device is out of the battery, this will leave you stuck finding a way to charge your device. While cigarettes and marijuana only require a lighter to get it started, the vaporizer can be a hassle. It is dependent on a chipset in the device, and battery to power that up, so when one of those fails, you are left with nothing to get your nicotine or THC, which can lead back to the traditional way of smoking. This can be a problem especially your device decides to malfunction, which can be very frustrating.

Thanks to test and trials, devices are getting much better as time goes by. Devices do not fail like how it used to, due to designers improving from their mistakes and flaws. There will be times when devices do fail, but vapes are pretty reliable these days, just make sure the battery is charged and always have knowledge about your device.

THC Vaping

Desktop vaporizers and cigalike have been here for a long time but it was never as popular how it is today. But as we learned how most vaporizers worked, adaption and innovation came along to improve vaping.

When it came to a vaporizer for marijuana, most knew that desktop vaporizers were the thing, whereas portable herbal vaporizer was never available. Until a few years ago, when e-cigarettes start booming, weed and wax vaporizer started to come along. In the beginning, herbal vaporizer was not truly a vaporizer because it involved combustion, which was not a true vaporizer. Coils were burning the herbs instead of vaporizing it, while wax vaporizers such as the Cloud Pens did its job in allowing you to vape concentrates and waxes on the go.

As time went by, many manufacturers have been trying to figure out how to produce true noncombustible vaporizer and it was finally achieved with herbal vaporizers such as the Pax Vaporizer and the Flowermate Vapormax V. This was truly an herbal vaporizer because it never burned the weed, just vaporizing the weed just like how a desktop vaporizer would work. It allows pure THC hits while making it a healthier alternative without the toxic chemicals that comes with combustion. This vaporizer makes getting medicated less harmful with more discretion and the ability to vape on the go without causing too much scent. The improvement of herbal vaporizer has enriched with more reliable vaping and allows you to set the temperature to your liking.

Nicotine Vaping

Since technology is improving our ability to get THC into our system in a safer way, technology is improving the way we get our nicotine. Just like tobacco cigarettes, vaping will allow you to get your nicotine dosage in a much less destructive way. We all know that cigarettes are really bad for you due to all the toxins entering your body system. Combustion or burning of leaves contains many toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide. Tar and carcinogens are one of the main factors that can cause cancer and diseases to our bodies when inhaling all these harmful chemicals from smoking all that tobacco cigarettes.

The first electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 by a Chinese inventor, whose father died from lung cancer due to smoking cigarettes. It was not until 2006, e-cig was introduced in the United States, also known as cigalike, looking like regular cigarettes. As years went by, electronic cigarettes were improving in delivering nicotine, which wasn’t too great in the early days. The technology increased dramatically within the last 3 years. Instead of using the regular cigalike vaporizer, people were using a new type of e-cig technology as we call it “vaping”.

This type of technology helped users switched to a better alternative to cigarettes and it has grown ever since, while the usage of tobacco cigarette decreased. It is hard for many smokers to just quit smoking period, but vaping provided a better way to obtain nicotine while offering a less harmful alternative. Within the last few years, vaping technology has greatly improved offering a better experience in obtaining nicotine.


When you do compare vaping and smoking, the effect is kind of different in a way, whereas smoking provides a strong but harsher way to obtain the nicotine or THC, while vaping offers a cleaner alternative to obtaining it. Inhaling all these toxic chemicals will boost the effect of the drug. But when it comes to health, vaping presents a much less harmful way to getting the main ingredient of the drug.

Without a doubt, vaping is never completely safe, it's just like everything in this world. Every positive has its negative, but vaping provides a lesser negative when comparing it to smoking a joint or a cigarette. While smoking provides a stronger and easier delivery system, vaping provides a safer solution.

Though vaping relies on technology to achieve this, smoking doesn’t, so there are many things when you can compare smoking to vaping. There always pluses and minuses when comparing these two. But in the end, combustion is not present in vaping, and combustion is a big factor in releasing toxic chemicals. Health is an important factor for why vaping has grown dramatically as technology continues to evolve in allowing users to get their nicotine and THC in a better sense.

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