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GeekVape Tsunami RDA Review

Posted by Dex L on

The Tsunami RDA is a newly designed atomizer brought to you by GeekVape. GeekVape gave vapers the famous Griffin RTA, and the Tsunami comes after a brilliant RTA. Providing high-quality products, GeekVape gives you the Tsunami RDA with incredible Kennedy RDA airflow with a Velocity style deck to bring you great flavor and vapor. With PEEK insulators, the Tsunami helps the RDA withstand heat from sub ohm vaping using SS316L set screws for longer durability.

Appearance and Build

The Tsunami RDA is a well-built rebuildable dripping atomizer. It is made with stainless steel giving it a robust appearance and a clean brushed finish. Not the highest quality built RDA, but for the price, the quality is great. The RDA didn’t appear to have any shown flaws on the atomizer. Very similar in design of the Kennedy RDA, the Tsunami is greatly constructed with every piece fitting perfect into place.

The diameter of the Tsunami is your typical 22mm fitting, flush with most mods out there. The RDA includes three drip tips: 14.2mm wide-open Delrin drip tip, 14.5mm diagonal Delrin drip tip, and 12.5mm Stainless Steel drip tip. With the 3 drip tips, it allows you to choose the one that is most comfortable on your lips. The 12.5mm drip tip uses a 510 adapter to fit into the top piece of the atomizer. When using the Delrin drip tip, the e-liquid can be easily filled through the drip tip without having to remove the drip tip since the drip tip is wide. Removable of the drip tip is quick by unscrewing the drip tip for secure and easy access.

The size of the Tsunami is not too big or too small, typically like most  RDA, measuring at 29.5mm and 10mm with a drip tip. The RDA is lightweight, even though it does not feel that durable due to lightweight, but this RDA is constructed to last.

The 510 connector is gold plated and adjustable to ensure connection with better conductivity. It will make the device have a flush appearance.

Build Deck

The build deck provides you with spacious building using two post velocity styled deck. Plenty of space for you to get creative on your builds, it allows you to build many different types of style while using the different type of coils. It supports both single and dual coils.

The Velocity style deck features a rectangular hole to stick in the coils for easier and fancier build measuring at 2.1mm x 3.0mm for each hole. It features a post hole for each lead making building much easier and less complicated to mount on the coils.

The juice well is around 6.5mm deep allowing you to fill up the juice well for less dripping if the wick or cotton tail is around the well. It also provides a reservoir when overfilling your cotton or wick, but be careful to not allow the juice to fall into the airflow pipe, which will leak e-liquid through the airflow.


The airflow is similar to the Kennedy RDA, with two large adjustable airflows on both ends of the atomizer. The top cap can be easily removed, but it can be a little hard at the start because of the tight O-rings. When using a single coil, you can close off one of the airflows. The airflow slots have a measurement size of 3.5mm x 7.9mm leading into 4.0mm diameter air holes.

When adjusting the airflow, easily twist the top cap to the prefer airflow setting or removing the top cap and setting it into the prefer airflow. The air holes are large enough to help produce huge clouds and great flavor.


When vaping on the Tsunami RDA, it provides immense flavor and huge clouds with all the airflow opened. It is smooth to vape allowing a cool vape, especially with a wide open airflow. The flavor doesn’t decrease when using wide open airflow. The flavor the rebuildable brings out is what makes this performance picture-perfect.


Expectations were not too high on the Tsunami based on the price of the RDA. But it exceeded expectation with its build, performance, and price. It produces awesome flavor, big clouds, and it looks great! There is no denying the best part about the Tsunami RDA is the Velocity styles build deck, allowing easy build and complex build with comfort. The selection of the drip tips to choose from is great to let you vape contentedly with great airflow.

While the Tsunami might not be the best or highest quality rebuildable dripping atomizer, it is a great piece for the price and performance getting your money’s worth.

The Tsunami can be found here:
Stainless Steel GeekVape Tsunami RDA
Black GeekVape Tsunami RDA

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