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Causes of E-Cig Explosions

Posted by Dex L on

News report regarding e-cigarette explosions are showing up on the news lately because the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes. It is bringing negative attention towards the vaping community, bringing in fear of why e-cigs are dangerous.

E-cigarette explosions can often be avoided with more knowledge on how this technology works especially when using modified devices. This is another reason why e-cigs is an adult product, and not intended for kids.

E-cigarettes are dangerous when using an unregulated mod without any knowledge

E-cigarettes can pretty much explode anytime and anywhere when handling a vaporizer incorrectly. There are many instances where e-cigarettes are exploding while the user is vaping, causing damage to the face and mouth.

Of course, explosions do occur due to a faulty product, but the the majority of the damaging ones that occur are the ones due to user lack of knowledge when using a more advanced type of vaporizer.

We found the majority of the critical explosion were using common types of vaporizer known as mechanical and hybrid mods. Mechanical and hybrid mods are vaporizer typically made from stainless steel, brass, aluminum, or zinc alloy, which powers the atomizers using an external battery placed into the body of the mod.

Mechanical and hybrid mods are not just any device you can buy and start vaping away especially when you are dealing with sub ohm tanks or rebuildable tanks that you are building yourself. These devices are not regulated without any safety feature.

So if you do not understand ohm’s law regarding resistance, volts, wattage, and amps, then mechanical and hybrid mods are not intended for you because it can be hazardous and damaging without the required knowledge.

These devices are intended for those who understand how sub ohm and battery chemistry work with knowledge regarding the dangers of explosion when dealing with lithium batteries. With no regulation on the battery, it allows us to vape to another level when understanding ohm’s law. But when used incorrectly, it can be very destructive especially when dealing with batteries and metal parts.

Batteries are more likely to fail when using these types of devices, especially when users are pushing the limits of the battery without even knowing it. Mechanical and hybrid mods do not offer any cut off time, which users can vape continuously. This will lead to the battery overheating and venting, which can cause the battery to blow up.

Weak and cheap batteries can increase the risk of explosions when using an unregulated mechanical mod and especially a hybrid mod.

Hybrid mods are the most likely device that can fail

Hybrid mods are the most common type of device that causes explosions to users' face and body while they are using the device. Hybrid mods allow the battery to directly power the atomizer, which can be very risky because there is no 510 connector pin standing between the atomizer and the battery. This method allows more contact so the atomizer is powered at a faster and stronger rate with better conductivity.

When the center 510 pin of the atomizer is not long enough, the battery can contact another metal part and cause the battery to short circuit. The battery will need to vent from the compression built up caused by the short circuit. And if the battery is not vented enough, the battery can explode, leading to sharp broken metal pieces flying to your face and body. So using a hybrid mod increases the risk of the battery failing when being cautious is not a priority.

Leaving your mod without locking your device can be a serious mistake especially when the device is accidentally being discharged while in your pocket or purse. Since there is no circuit board, there is nothing to tell the battery to stop powering the device, overworking the battery that can lead to an eruption.

E-cigs catching fire while charging

There are numerous incidents of e-cigarette catching fire while the device is being charged. This type of accident can occur due to user error or just because the device is faulty.

With a faulty e-cigarette, there is nothing much you can do to avoid this but to be sure you are purchasing a reputable branded e-cigarette. But to help decrease the risk of an e-cigarette catching fire while the device is charging, make sure you are using the correct charger for the device.

Using a charger from a different type of electronic can do damage to the battery because all chargers produce different voltage and current. It is recommended that you use the USB charger intended for the device. Overcharging the battery can be a problem if the charger does not know when to stop charging after the battery is full charged. It can overload the battery and cause it to catch fire. Avoid leaving your e-cigarette unattended while the device is being charged and remove the device from the charger once it is charged.

When charging external batteries, make sure the charger you use is a well-known brand that offers protection to avoid any accident.

Understand battery safety and ohm’s law when using a mechanical mod

E-cigarettes can be safe to use when you understand battery safety. The type of devices used to vape can be a big factor in preventing accidents from happening.

When using a hybrid or mechanical mod, you must be aware that it requires knowledge of ohm’s law with battery safety. These devices do not contain a circuit board, which does not offer any safety protection. Mechanical and hybrid mods are intended for advanced users who understand how battery current, power, voltage, and resistance work. This is not something to play around with, especially without knowledge regarding battery safety and ohm’s law.

Remember to always lock your device when you are not using it to prevent it from accidently discharging and to remember to always remove the battery from the charger after it is fully charged.

Avoid leaving your device in hot weather and carrying around a battery in your pocket or purse without a battery case, which can easily cause the battery to contact another metal that can lead to an eruption.

If you are concerned with safety, we recommend going with a regulated device with a circuit board to offer battery protection. With the advancing technology, devices these days do provide a much safer way to vape capable of accepting sub ohm tanks without having to build your own coils to get sub ohm experience. These new tech devices offer multiple protections to prevent accidents from occurring.

Don’t let the media scare you off in finding a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes. Understanding battery safety and preferably using a regulated device can help you avoid any type of explosion. And if you are using a modified mod, remember to learn more about ohm’s law and the battery. No one is truly safe from malfunctions, but never push your device to the limit, and knowing your product will greatly reduce the chances of explosion and fire.

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