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Many of you have probably heard of the temperature control (TC) devices out in the vape market right now and wonder what it is all about. If you haven’t heard, temperature control is the current and newest vaping trend right now. It follows and adds after sub ohming, which is still an incredible way to vape without TC. Temp control brings sub ohming to newer heights with its ability to allow consistent vaping with greater adjustment to clouds and flavor, and more safety that limits exposure when vaping constantly and at high wattage. The vape game is continuously improving, with temperature control being the best vape technology yet and there are many reasons for this.

What is temperature control?

Temperature control is a new breed of technology that limits the temperature of the coils to the prefer setting. Limiting the temperature of the coil will greatly help users avoid dry and burnt hits. If you ever sub ohm before, you will notice that after vaping for a long period of time, the vapor gets warm and sometimes the e-liquid will start spitting in your mouth. This happens with sub ohming because as you keep firing the device away, the temperature of the coil will get hotter because the resistance of the Kanthal coil will remain static. The higher the resistance, the less power the device pushes out, so the device does not adjust the power and temperature since the reading on the resistance is always the same. So the coils keep getting hotter as more power is pumped into it. When using temperature control, titanium (Ti) and nickel (Ni) wires are being used instead of Kanthal. Ti and Ni wires contain more wraps, which uses additional wraps to slow down the temperature and the resistance rises when it is constantly firing away. The relationship between the resistance and temperature is linear so as the resistance rises, the device detects the resistance by lowering the power pumped into the coils allowing you to keep the ideal temperature by never reaching over that set temperature.

Why is temperature control beneficial?

Those who are into to sub ohm vaping will actually enjoy temperature control when you start to understand the benefit of it. Temperature control is sub ohming but adding additional attributes to sub ohming. It is not a huge difference but when adding temperature control to sub ohming, it allows precision adjustment to the vape with consistency. Imagine vaping with a sub ohm device and you get the best vapor after the second hit and after that, it is not as good. But with TC, that second hit will be consistent throughout the vape as long as you find the correct setting to obtain that. Without temperature coil, it is unlikely to happen because the coils will keep getting hotter and it will produce different vapor production. With temperature control, it allows you to get the soundest vapor because the coil temperature will remain consistent throughout the hit allowing you to get the best vapor production after vaping for a long period of time.

Better taste with consistency but not for cloud chasing

Temperature control is not for everyone especially those intentions are just to blow huge clouds. The objective of temperature control is not for cloud chasing, but who love a consistent vape when chain vaping. It performs much better than your typical variable wattage vaping. It allows more control over the flavor of the e-juice. Depending on the ingredients used for the e-liquid, temperature control allows you to adjust perfectly to your taste. It brings out the flavor of the e-liquid when getting the right temperature.

Save battery and e-liquid consumption

Typically when using temperature control, it can help with e-liquid and battery consumption due to the cut off of the power allowing the temperature to remain steady. Vaping for a long period of time can surely suck up your e-liquid and battery consumption so using TC surely helps with that. We know that as the coils get hotter, the e-liquid will evaporate at a faster rate when the temperature rises, but when setting a temperature, e-liquid consumption will remain stable. As for battery consumption, TC reduces the power needed once the coils reach a certain temperature while regular sub ohming, the power keeps pushing continuously because there is no ceiling for the temperature.

Dry hits was a continued issue until temp control showed up

Avoiding dry and burn hits was always an issue with any type of vaping after vaping for a long period. Dry hits leave a bad taste in your mouth and it makes you stop vaping until the coils cool down. Temperature control helps eliminate the issue with dry hits from burnt cotton and wicks by controlling the temperature of the coil. This also helps with allowing the cotton or wicks to last much longer by not over burning it. It allows you to keep vaping until the liquid runs dry by producing no vapor once the e-liquid is gone. The coil temperature usually spikes when there is no e-liquid saturated on the cotton or wicks leaving you with a dry and burnt taste but thanks to temp control, this can be avoided.

More safety with less risk of harmful chemicals

Safety is a very important factor with vaping especially when you are sub ohming. Using temperature control vaping can help reduce the risks of sub ohming. There have been studies regarding vaping at high wattage can lead to formaldehyde, which is a cancer causing carcinogen. TC limits the temperature so it does not allow formaldehyde to form even when you are constantly vaping. While without temperature control, the coils (Kanthal) will get hot to a point where it is can likely produce more toxic chemicals.

All temperature control devices have a circuit board to help regulate the device and preventing the battery from overheating and exploding. TC helps prevent the battery from overworking, while regular sub ohming, the battery is constantly pushing the same amount of power whereas TC cuts the power as it reaches the set temperature.

Temperature control is the hope for vaping

If you love sub ohming, you should give temp control a try by finding a vape mod with TC and a sub ohm tank with nickel (Ni200) or titanium (Ti) coils. The additional opportunity for sub ohming will greatly be appreciated if you love a consistent vape. It is a game changer for its “consistency". Also making vaping safer, avoiding dry hits, saving e-liquid consumption, and fine tuning vapor production, temperature control is what you need to stay in sync with the best vaping experience that makes everything much smoother and easier. Envisioning how vaping has evolved has truly shown why vaping can be much safer and more pleasant when humans are free to advance technology in every aspect of life.

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