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Vape Pens are Still Popular among Cigarette Smokers

Posted by Dex L on

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Many of you who have been vaping awhile now probably have used a vape pen when you first started vaping. Most likely, you have probably evolved from a vape pen and moved on to a better vaping experience using rebuildable atomizers, sub ohm tanks with mechanical or box mods. But there are still a good amount of vapers still using a vape pen instead of a vape mod. Vaporizer pen can work like traditional cigarettes with common appearance, performance with discreetness and it still popular among smokers who are trying to find a substitute for tobacco cigarettes.

A vape pen is a simple and basic vaporizer that is usually an eGo style battery with a fitted clearomizer such as the CE4 clearomizer. The definition of it is more of a broad term, consisting of a long form battery with a tailored tank similar to an appearance of a pen with a larger diameter. The vape pen can be used with e-juices, wax, and essential oils. The eGo-T CE4, the Kangertech eVod, and the Yocan Exgo W1 are some examples of what is consider as a vape pen.

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Still active in the e-cig world, vape pens offer simple usage and its performance similar to a cigarette. The device produces a good amount of vapor just like the smoke from cigarettes unlike sub ohm devices which produces very large dense vapors. It allows a good throat and lung hit with the right dosage of nicotine in the e-liquid. Most traditional smokers and older type of smokers are not looking for something fancy or something that is too much. Vape pens are very basic in functions typically set at one setting with a regulated chip for safe usage.

Vape pens are the closest things that mimic to real cigarettes. Most vapers these days knows that vape pens do not generate the best flavor when compared to using the new advancing technology of sub ohm tanks and mods. But as in real cigarettes, the goal of tobacco cigarettes is not to deliver flavor and huge vapors but to help deliver nicotine, which most vape pens will achieve. These devices are not bulky like the new devices coming out, so it allows smokers to easily carry around their vape pen without any issues.

As for vape pen uses for concentrates, oil, and wax, those will continue to be popular because of its ability to be discreet. They look and work similar to an e-juice vaporizer but using a different type of tank to vape wax and essential oil.

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The vaping trend is a continuously growing trend with new advancing products coming out every week to ensure vapers get the best of their e-liquid. Sub ohm vaping is where the e-cig technology is currently at, which allow users to obtain large dense vapors with rich flavor. Even though vaping has grown rapidly in the past few years, vaporizer pen is not yet a dying breed. It is still popular for old school cigarette smokers who are trying to quit cigarette and finding a simple substitute for it without any hard maintenance. Vape pen allows smokers to vape discreetly with its portable size to carry around.

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