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Wismec Theorem RTA Review

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The vaping industry has a positive slope of advancement, since its inception despite the various disputes and combats. One of the most admirable forms of its evolution is the progress of vaping coils, ranging right from steel to ceramic. At present, the latest buzz is the NotchCoil.

As this coil is embedded in the new Wismec Theorem RTA vaping tank, it is grabbing the attention of many vapers and critics from around the world. Well, a curiosity-raising fact is that this atomizer has many such wonders that contribute to a great vaping experience. The Theorem is truly different from several other tanks and is ready to vape. It is manufactured by Wismec, designed by Jay Bo, and inspired by Suck My Mod.

Overview of the Wismec Theorem RTA Device

This advanced vaporizer tank integrates some of the most creative designs one can find in the world of hybrid drip tanks. It comes with the industry's initial open wicking system, top airflow control, minimized atomizer chamber, convenient top-fill juice plug, distinct split positive post, and elaborate form factor.

The tank has a delicately designed base and a jumbo glass tube embracing most part of the tank. This makes the tank’s internal structure transparent. The overall design is appealing, as the NotchCoil, e-juice, and cotton are visible while vaping. The raised internal RBA deck makes space for the reservoir for e-juice and cotton, which is a specialty of this tank.

The Theorem aims to maximize the vaping experience through its full vapor performance as well as unique design. It is perhaps one of the best-looking atomizers, considering its color combination, a bit retro design (blue/teal shade), glass drip tip, and glossy chrome. Being held together just by its stylish O-rings, the atomizer is fun to use if frequent excessive vaping is not what you are looking for.

Dissecting the Theorem

Essentially, the Theorem is a dripping-style atomizer with a reservoir in the form of the glass tube intact with O-rings and the base. The air enters inside through the top cap and is controllable by turning on and off the air inlet ring’s opening.

The first open wicking system delivers extraordinary convenience, as you only need to remove the top cap sleeve to uncover the wicking plug and the build deck. Made with a unique style for split positive post design is the floating build deck so that it can facilitate voluminous mounting of big and exotic build styles. The embedded deck milled negative posts take care of effective and incessant contact.

For delivering a customized coil apparatus, the much-hyped NotchCoil structure is set. Made using stainless steel, the structure features a quick ramp-up time and an extensive surface area for strong performance.

The minimal atomizer chamber upshot due to the juice plug, when used with the NotchCoil structure, contributes to the superb production of e-juice flavors. The plug, at the same time, acts as a handy top-fill port component to ensure convenient refilling and fewer disturbances to the airflow and coil settings.

The top airflow adjustment is optimized for single or dual configurations. It has two adjustable airflow rings for delivering enormous clouds without compromising flavors. The interchangeable rings are just cool. Go for a single slot for enjoying flavor for days. If you wish more airflow, the dual slot is superb.

The RBA deck is much like the Wismec Indestructible. However, it is different, as it has an asymmetrical structure with one side with two semi-circular openings for two cotton ends and the other opening toward the reservoir. The RBA is a single coil set.

Noteworthy Feature 1: Rebuildable and Adjustable NotchCoil

The NotchCoil is visible as a cylindrical coil for which you need not build wire. It is hollowed for emitting a massive amount of vapor. The ends for the wire associate with the two poles for allowing the heating mechanism to work.

The NotchCoil is adjustable as per your preference. Thus, it is handy to use the desired quantity of cotton before pouring the liquid into the top-fill tank. Doing so gives an ideal coil-to-cotton upshot during the puff. This is efficient enough to ensure maximum flavor and zero wastage of vapor.

The coil gives a lot more space on the surface than other coils for e-juice clinging. This allows for faster vaporizing, making more vapor clouds.

Noteworthy Feature 2: Stainless Steel or Glass Tank

Whether you choose glass or steel, the tank you get is hygienic and sturdy. The glass tank comes with the optional tinted O-rings, which make the tank one of the most stylish ones. The steel one comes with a polished surface and a few chic accents. Apart from this, there is no difference in terms of performance efficiency and maintenance.

Noteworthy Feature 3: Top Fill

This is a cool and convenient feature. You just need to lift off the airflow cap and the plug to access the port to be filled. No juice is wasted and no settings are disrupted. It is not only easy but efficient to fill this atomizer.

Noteworthy Feature: Regulated Airflow

A gentle twist of the airflow ring directly controls the airflow for enjoying the best atomizing/puffing effect. A clockwise turn increases the airflow, while a counter-clockwise turn decreases it. Such adjustment ensures the best flavor.


  • Dual vertical or single horizontal build
  • Gold-plated 510 connector at the base
  • Top-coil, open-wicking system of tank
  • Top, rear-side airflows
  • Split center-post deck
  • Top cap assimilating the adjustable airflow and juice plug
  • Dimensions of 22 mm diameter, 4mm fill hole, 25 mm height with drip tip, and 75 mm wick holes


  • Solid flavor and vapor
  • Innovative design and materials
  • Compact
  • Cool appearance
  • Good airflow
  • Good wicking (45 degrees+ tilting)
  • No spit back
  • Several spares
  • Variable coil build options
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • A bit tricky to build
  • Hot if used with dual coils
  • Risk of leakage if not careful
  • Frequent refilling due to quickly vaping juice due to a bit less capacity


The most commendable aspect of this new Wismec advanced vaping tank is its better vaping experience due to the new type of coil with more heating coverage. Even in terms of appearance, it is admirable.

All the actions take place in your preferable sleeve and tank embracing a much-advanced and efficient atomizing method and the elegant O-rings. Their outcome is a clean, highly delectable vapor and flavor enjoyable at an affordable price.

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