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The Evolution of Vaping

Posted by Dex L on

It is the start of 2016 and vaping still surviving strongly after utter talks that vaping will be a dying fad especially to those who have never given vaping a try. 4 years later after the beginning boom of e-cigarettes, electronic vaping is stronger than ever with much more improvements to experience and safety. Technology and the market are allowing vaping to advance to a higher degree with studies, tests, and trials. Vaping started from a basic e-cig kit evolving to a vaping machine with control over vapor production.

Electronic Cigarette Boom in 2013!

The vaping boom started around beginning of 2013 with this new type of electronic cigarette consisting of an eGo style battery with a tank that stores and vaporizes the liquid. This was something new due to the fact that much different type of e-liquids can be used with this e-cig vape pen compared to a limited selection of flavor with the traditional e-cigarette also known as a cigalike. The cigalike e-cig came with pre-filled e-liquid. Those e-cigs were much smaller and store less e-liquid and battery capacity, which also does not allow users to customize the device. This new eGo style batteries and tanks help started the e-cig boom with its larger capacity and ability to be interchanged with other vape parts.


“Vape Pens” replacing Cigalike E-Cig

The eGo type batteries were available in different colors and sizes giving users different design to choose from, with multiple brands available. With these batteries came a wide selection of tanks with different quality and style, not to mention a much wider selections of flavored e-liquids to choose from. It opened the door for vapers to  customize their vape pen with distinctive appearance and performance. It allows users to vape for a longer period of time without having to refill or recharge. This was the game changer to the vaping world.

Vape Pen

Many manufacturers started to design their own style of eGo batteries with larger battery capacity with different appearance to the eGo battery. As eGo batteries started improving, more functions were being added such as a variable voltage, which allows users to control the power of their vape. eGo style batteries kept improving with performances and appearances. It opened the market up allowing vapers with huge selections of brands and styles to choose from.

New tanks started to come along during the start of the boom such as the CE clearomizer and the DCT tank. The DCT tank used cartomizers instead of wicks and was very popular due to the performance that produces good vapor and taste at the time. Many designs of the DCT tanks came out with different appearances and colors with the ability to change the mouthpiece (drip tip) to distinctive designs and color. It was cost efficient in allowing users to replace the cartomizer instead of the whole tank. CE clearomizers were much easier to use and fill. CE clearomizers still came with different styles and colors using wicks instead of cartomizer, but the whole tank had to be replaced once the wicks were burnt out. Both of these types of tanks were very popular with the eGo styles batteries because they had large tank capacity with better taste than those cigalike tanks.

Finding ways to prevent leaking was a difficult task for manufacturers during the early stages of the boom. Still, these new generation tanks generated more vapor than cigalike tanks but there were still many issues that needed to be solved from burnt taste to leaking to poor durability. Still, manufacturers keep progressing and improving newer models of tanks.

These tanks help evolve e-cigarettes by allowing manufacturers to have an idea of how atomizer work giving them the ability to improve the vaping atomizers and tanks with time and trial. As time went by, new tanks were coming out on the market every month, frequently improving the older versions with better performance and appearance. Atomizer tanks were evolving faster than batteries and mods because it is a main factor in achieving good taste with better vapor.

As for the e-liquids, this allowed many individuals and small businesses to expand their growth by producing new types of flavors mimicking flavors people love such as candies, drinks, and desserts. The e-liquid market was growing rapidly because the demand for tasteful e-juice was flourishing. These new e-cig vape pens basically opened the door for any type of e-juice to be used while traditional e-cigarettes were limited to a certain amount of flavors. Even though traditional e-cigarettes could use any type of e-liquids, many who usually bought this traditional e-cig stuck with the flavors that the manufacturer produced. The eGo style batteries with a clearomizer greatly helped e-liquid producers in opening up the market for e-liquid chemist.

Improving from vape pens

Still in 2013, new style of devices was being released on the daily improving from the standard eGo style battery. Joyetech released an intelligent vaporizer called the eVic, which included an LCD screen with an operating system using an external 18650 battery. Also released during 2013, was a heavily popular mod known as the  ProVape ProVari. This proved that the vape technology was growing rapidly, also with the invention of the first box mod known to most vapers as the Innokin iTaste MVP. 

New breed of atomizer tanks were coming along with the new devices in helping vapers achieve a better vaping experience. Atomizer tank such as the Kanger Protank was a popular and upcoming tank at the time using bottom coils instead of top coil wicks or cartomizers as many brands follow suits using bottom coils from then on for its effieciency.

Not long after, mechanical mods started to come along, which uses an external battery with no electrical component, and consisting of an aluminum or stainless steel body. A  popular mod called The Kamry K100 helped out the trend of mechanical mods being one of the earliest mech mod in the market during those time. This device was something new due to its stainless steel body with no electronic board to regulate the device. 

As soon as more mechanical mods were being developed, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) were being designed allowing the real purpose of mechanical mods.

Kamry K100

RDAs were something special that allowed individuals to build their own coils to their preference. This made vaping more than a smoking cessation, it created a hobby to enjoy. With this, it created a new term of vaping called sub ohming. Since mechanical mods had no circuit board, it was not regulated, which allow users to create their own coils under the resistance of 1 ohm. Users had to drip e-liquid onto the wicks on the RDA instead of using a tank. This allowed vapers to get massive clouds, great flavor, and incredible vapor production.

Tugboat RDA

Mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers popularity grew massively in 2014 with many types of design coming out from all over the world. The mods and RDAs came in different appearance with unique exterior, which was boundless in designs. The performances of the mods and RDAs were dependent on the batteries being used and the materials being used to build the coils on the RDA and the way it was being built. Both of these products pretty much ran 2014, where sub ohming was dominating with its performances, and it changed the way e-cig was being vape.

While mods and rebuildable atomizers were dominating the vaping world in 2014, there were many other devices being release to those who prefer a simpler way to vape.  Brands like Kangertech, Innokin, Vision, Joyetech, and Aspire were leading the vape market with their unique style of e-cig vaporizers perfecting their products from clearomizers, batteries, advance personal vaporizers, and coils. These brands were creating products for affordable prices with easy set up while maintaining a good vape without having to rely on users to build their own coils.

A new breed of sub ohming

Nearing the end of 2014, sub ohming is probably the most popular way to vape just because it allowed great vapor with great taste. But the issue with sub ohming is the hassle that comes along with it. Building your own coils and having to drip every time can be a pain in the butt. Even though there were e-liquid tanks such as the Kayfun that allow you to sub ohm without having to drip everytime, it was still a nuisance because users still had to build their own coils to reach resistance below 1.0 ohm. This is when Aspire created the first known sub ohm tank out in the market known as the Aspire Atlantis.

Aspire Atlantis

The Atlantis changed everything that allows vapers to get sub ohm experience without having to build your own coils while having a reservoir for the e-liquid. The Atlantis came with pre-built sub ohm coils, which work much like a drip atomizer but without all the hassle. It gave users huge vapors with great taste just like a rebuildable dripping atomizer. With this, manufacturers started to follow this trend and it started a whole new world of vaping with sub ohm tanks using pre-built sub ohm coils.

The Atlantis was an enormous hit and other brands started to hit the market trying to match with the Aspire Atlantis such as the Kangertech Subtank. From this, new APV (advanced personal vaporizer) came along to replace mechanical mods that will accept sub ohm tanks. This opened the door to allow users to sub ohm vape with a regulated device to ensure consistent power throughout the vape while ensuring more safety. The Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery was one of this new type of device/battery that allow vapers to use with sub ohm tanks while containing electronic component with safety protection.

From there on, came along a new breed of box mods that worked great with sub ohm atomizers and tanks. These box mods weren’t like the original Innokin iTaste MVP, but much more powerful, accepting sub ohm tanks and RDAs, yet still regulating the device to ensure more safety. These new box devices typically came with LED screen that allow wattage adjustment with power life and atomizer resistance display. Some of these box mods have an output of 200 watts and accepting coil resistance below 0.5ohm. This brought sub ohming to new pinnacles that would blow mechanical mods away with its consistent power even on low battery.

Sub ohming at its finest with temperature control

No one would imagine how much sub ohming has improved until 2015 came along where a  new type of technology called temperature control started to appear on the market. Temperature control (TC) tweak sub ohming to provide users with even more control of vapor production. It provides more safety by regulating the temperature of the coils, which can prevent toxic chemicals from forming due to high temperature. TC provides precise control of vapor production with richer flavor allowing users to adjust according to preferences. Some e-juices work better at certain temperature depending on the ingredients used in the e-liquid.

Temperature Control Joye eVic-VT

Temperature control also reduces battery and e-liquid consumption by not allowing the coils to go over the set temperature even when vaping continuously. Sub ohming without TC coils will increase temperature as user vape constantly, which uses more power while burning more e-liquid. Temperature control helps regulate sub ohming to ensure vapers gets best sub ohm experience at its peak, providing constant vapor and flavor.

Vaping will keep evolving as long as the government does not interfere

Vaping has greatly developed from a basic eGo vape pen to sub ohm temperature control box mods, which allows an incredible experience with extra safety measures when comparing it to the e-cigarettes at the start of the 2013 boom.

With time and an open market, it helped the industry flourish without government involvement. It allows device and e-liquid makers to keep learning and finding ways to make vaping safer using better quality components and ingredients by studying what is good and what works. The vaping industry is full of surprises each new year as inventors are finding new methods and ways to keep improving e-cig technology helping smokers find more reasons to stop smoking. As 2016 comes along, nothing is expected less since the massive growth in the e-cig market. Vaping is at its highest point but there is always more improvement that can be done. As long as the government does not regulate and limit the abilities to keep improving, 2016 will be another success to vaping in achieving better and safer vaping while dropping the tar filling toxic smoking cigarettes to ground.